Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my birthday!

My birh is 080589..
This year, I had a wonderful birthday!
I got a new notebook from my lovely parents.^^
I got a new 4gb pendrive from BiG sista.
Twin sista brought me a hairband n phone decoration.
I got a mickey mp3 from David , i wan buy it for long time ago.Yeah!!
I got a necklace from Jia Peng.
Gavin was present me perfume n treat ma a dinner which at sakae sushi.(the foods better than sushi king LOTSSSS..)
Tiger gave a card n keychain which is Dooodolls.QUite cute!
Justin n Lih min brought me a Baskin Robin ice-cream which is my favourite flavour ''chocalate mint''Yummy ~~yummy!!!
Phei San gave me a nice handmade things.
And, I received flower from a msytery person ..thanks U!
Of course , they had bought cake to help me celebrate.This Year 2008, I got 4 cakes to m3..
Besides that, some of friendss ,family members, xia xiang members called n messaged me to sent me the wishes.
I also received a call from somebody and we had played webcam for the first time, he sang a birthday song to m3..n a ''鬼脸''.n sorry that i always away to meet my friendss then let u be alone there with my friendss..seem lik I'm no manners.SOrry ya, i a'm not purposely de..><
Lastly, my housemates n Gavin acc me watched ''The mummy".>>not bad !
Thank Lotsss n appreciate it, Let me hav a nice n wonderful birthday in 2008.

mc soon!


URfriend said...

Not bad ya... i think tis is the year that u won forget! happy happy B'day. good luck

mc said...

ya, it was a memorable birthday for me in tis year.