Monday, May 12, 2008

Alarm Clock

hooyooo~~~Stop !stop! StoP! SILENT PLss!!!
I think just 4,5 a.m something , suddenly "猪,~~~'' , the song of 猪之歌. That was my small sista ;ming shan phone rang.. i think that was her alarm clock called her wake up, but what for so early wake up arghhhh..???After half an hour, ''六点了,六点了,六点了''...Oh My God , what is the prob huh?? Not yet 6 o'clock, call what laa..??Pls , i am so tired..stop it can, silent pls?? This time is ming yee phone rang.
Tolerate! Tolerate! Tolerate! This is the first time, so nvm ~~just rest.XD The time then, the alarm clock continues to make a sound ''猪,~~~'' ,''六点了,六点了,六点了'' ,''六点了,六点了,六点了'' ,''猪~~~''。。。SHIT! Wah~~arghhhh!!! Tis sound make me cant sleep back ler, angry lerrrrr.. Cause after first time, i dy warned them ''CLOSE the alarm clock" So, now i using other way to let them knw, how the feel while u sleeping got ppl interupt U?
I opened my phone mP3 song loudly, after few minutes ago~~they called'' closed laa, i wan to sleep''>>lastly, they went to mummy room to tell mummy bout that n sleep there..LOL^^ Now , knw leh @_@..Geram so much!
Finally I rest very much sweetly!

mc soon**

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