Tuesday, May 20, 2008


  Recently, Everything was not gonna very smoothly.
My hand phone spoil it.Suddenly, my phone can be without any picture n its help me automatic off it. WHAT LER :( So sad, I din save n prepare any money for buy a new h/p.
Lately, I always fell ill. Has one night, my stomach pain till 4 a.m. n i din take any medicine cause i felt it was just belly pain till the other 2 days. Not only belly pain, some more headache, after had my lunch or dinner started vomiting ?WTH? Besides that , I felt without the strength n very tired of it the few of the days..AND when the most I needs the person who care, all DISAPPEAR!haiz ><--

Fat??What har? Sick should be lose weight de wat..But i am gain weight bout 1.5 kg?

Haiz~~ ><''' Next monday, will be my year 2 Sem 1,I do not think happy n excited of it, instead thought that I feel very bothersome , because ~~~''secret''.

Where Am I?
What should I dO the next?
HoW i gonna To dO?
How I gonna find my motivator?
How faR I with the future?
What strongpoint dO i Hav?
Where is my LOVE?
Where are u aLL been?

mc soon**

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