Saturday, May 17, 2008

Penang TrIP

Here some the picha we hang out the Day ( 16-may-2008)
The driver- Yan Yan

The penang members -Mei Ee n Yong Xuen

The Bm members - Wesley ,m
Penang Hills~'ji le shi' ~dinner~beach.
I am lazy-ing to wrote the day what we had done it, by the way I am quite enjoyed hang out with u gals n guys.. I knew that, maybe u guys wont read my blog, but here to apologize to u ALL toO that i am be late for tat day to let u all wait m3 . SOrrY!
Bukit Bendexx
POse Yeah!!& gooD!!a view of sb.'s back

He is wesley who lik to post..LOL^^

Mei EE ,Yong XUen ,n m3

Yong Xuen~~
Tiredness ~~
Nice Pose~~I captured it!
LOok Fatness *_@''''
Actually, They're scared !
BaD quality ! I mean the camera of mine'''On the way, i'm back to bm with ferrY!

mc sooN **

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