Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My daddy

Today, my daddy ~~Peter Soon is going to china which the state at ‘Guang Zhou’.
B4 he go out, something make he feel nervous that is “WHERE IS

Daddy : I remembered that I put together with the clothes, are u sure din have?

Mummy : Definitely!

Daddy : Are u sure?? Can u help me to check again? @_@

Mummy : I checked d.

Mc : Aiyoo, daddy check properly laa.

Daddy : ARghh..

After that, we helped him looks for the plane ticket in his bedroom, car, and desk. Daddy started felt tension and impatient. Suddenly, he FOUND it .

Mc : Where is it?

Mummy : In desk drawer la, leaving about his plane ticket anywhere, just want relying on somebody. Hngg!!

Daddy : Aiyoo~~ Where got I rely on U laa??

Mummy : Hngg~~!!

Mc :haha^^

Let’s start my daddy story ^~^

One day, my friend named Gavin called m3 brought me a good new about daddy. He told me that daddy was the top salesman in the BUTTERWORTH. He was in the first runner up, successful sold out 25 cars in a month. Last time, when I din met Gavin I did not know much about how tiredness, hardship to be a salesman. It is because very difficult to sell a car and sometimes the customers will gave him ‘BLACK FACE’! So bad ! Before, I got heard mummy told me that how his career bully daddy when he was the new salesman. For an example; does not teach him, snatches his customers, harms him intentionally and so on. This few years, I knew that he was the top salesman but I just can’t really realize how moil in his job. I definitely agreed that he was the responsible salesman like he will go out while his customer phoned him at the midnight when their car have problem. I remembered that time was Chinese new years, his customers phoned him and I went with him for hope to get an ‘angpao’ from his customer. XD

Every year he will go abroad for travel and get award from Japan, Australia, China, Shang Hai, India ,Phuket ,Singapore and so on. Phew~~ Daddy so geng!!!

Jiang! Jiang! Jiang!

Last Year~~2007

Stil lots inside~~bout previous years


Phuket trip!

Every time when his back, we received lotss of his souvenirs.

I am PROUD of him as his daughter.

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