Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Holiday!

Hooray!!!~~Happy Holiday!!!^^
Exam Over laa~~

How bout ur mood today?
Hyper happY..Super relax=P

Why seem so happy?
Cause exam over d n i dy took the resit paper.

Then how bout the resit paper?
Hmm~~I think i did well in the paper, hop can score it well.

Any reward if score well?
Yea Yea~~..sista bet with m3, if i pass the MARCO she will giv m3 a present! My mother was my witness.

After this paper, get any lesson of it?
Yaya..That is don be nervous when sit in the exam loo..It is because b4 exam, the frame of mind is IMPORTANT!!!

How bout tis time exam?
Ook la,Tis time I got put effort .

How long bout ur holidays?
Ermm..bout 3 weeks!

So, any planning for u holidays?
hmm..Lotss lo..lik keep fit "~" cause tis end of may, hav to attend a wedding party;which is my KPA senior 'khau ning'.Practice my guitar skill cause hav quite a long period din practice ler..watching drama loo, buy a types of tycoon game to play such as open a cinema=P
and so on..

Go for any trip?
Wow..of course ler..i will go for a ‘small travel' with my 4 pretty gal friends^^This is my first time hang out with them..Quite expecting ~~XD

So, wut u wanna doing later?
Watching n enjoying my draMa laa..*_*

mc soon^^

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